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A Day in Quiapo

It's not the usual mall yesterday for me and hubby, because we decided to stroll in Quiapo! The traffic was quite irritating but good thing we found a comfortable taxi cab in the way there. My sister, ate Lhen was with us and she's going there again after so many years, and quite excited in the idea of moving around in one of the crowded place in Manila.

We went to Quiapo church. Outside, hubby saw a cooked yellow corn vendor and I bought for both of them as we stroll around. I stopped by for some fancy earring being sold in the street. I warned my sister to be careful with her cell phone and try not to text or call, coz' we never know, the place in notorious. We went to their market place and there I bought lots of fresh veggies and fruits in very cheap prices! We also showed to her the famous store of Excellente ham and gosh, their prices too went up!

My sister was happy and she said we should go there more often. Finally, my feet was already numb from walking so we end our little "mall" tour and went to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Sta. Cruz. We ordered special lomi, letchon kawali and special fried rice and were full enough to go for more sight seeing so we hail a cab and went home.

It was a tiring day but that's one happy bonding time for us.

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