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A Twilight Surprise

My hubby yet again surprised me with a souvenier from his office mate that came from the US yesterday.  You know what?  It's a Twilight poster! Yey! He said when his officemate asked him what he wants, he answered through email if he can look for some Twilight poster for his wife (that's me! =)  And there you go! My second imported poster!

I placed the Twilight poster beside my Harry Potter poster which my cousin gave me all the way from Japan.  They really know what's keeping me busy and what I really like and I'm glad they knew! (ha-ha!)  And i really can't help but smile everytime I look at the posters at the wall above our bed's head board and the book shelf beside my dresser.  

Small things and simple gestures made me really happy.  And hubby.. he is such a selfless human being.  I know every time a friend or relative would asked him for a gift when they come home from abroad, he would always told them to look some thing for me, like posters of my favorite Hollywood artists, a book, perfume, jacket etc.  I really am so lucky, don't you think? =)
I take a snap of my wall posters.  They really look nice in our room =) of course, they're my favorites.

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