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New Weekend Fun

Sunday! Hubby wants us to watch Underworld 3 in MOA. But i need to do some errands today like ironing (gosh, i'm so dead worst in that part) and I want to go to Baclaran to buy new curtains for our room.

Yesterday, my sister decided to add some spice in our weekend routine. We played BINGO! We thought that no one will join except for the kids but eventually everybody joined including my parents in law (imagine that! lol!) we played for almost 3 hours and i can see that the oldies were really having a great time playing. But guess what - I'm the lucky winner! =)

Hubby got his leave pay and treated us to dinner at
Luk Foo restaurant near our place. That's why I'm telling hubby not to take a leave of absence from work for he will be rewarded every January of the following year (he-he) The foods were really great though their prices are quite high.

Here's the quick shot of the place and foods =)

with Aubrey, Ate Lhen, hubby and my mother in law

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