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Friends and office mates asked me if i had someone in mind when i posted an article on my friendster bulletin about staying away from married men.  And yes, i do have someone on my mind.  As i think about them, from all the lies she created, made us believed she's lying all the way from the start and she will still lie and pretend from her family and friends and brave enough to flaunt that she has no regrets.  Eiwww! that was horrible!

Well, that small article made my office mates and friends read it, and someone print the article itself and read it with her friends at home.  And now they are curious on what's posted on my blog.  I told them I'm hoping for some slim chances that she will change her mind but from what i know, it's too late for that. 

The issues are all over the places.  I bet she knows that too.  Even when the other family suffers, she didn't mind and still says she has no regrets at all... 

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

sabi ko na nga ba may pinatatamaan ka dun sa bulletin na un eh. hahaha. ano veh? nde pa rin nya napag isip isip ang kanyang ginagawa. is it love or lust?

nway, nasa kin pa ung mga gifts nyo. baka friday ko pa maship or bukas. busy pa lola mo at mejo may sakit ako. kuntodo kahol na parang aso. aw!aw!aw! hahaha. penge naman ako ibm calendar ha. pangharbat mo ko ng dalawa kung kaya. hehe. o sya.