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Keeping me Busy

Well, my new year in the office really starts with a bang.  Meaning, tons and loads of work and they seems pouring right in front of me every time I think of stretching or take a break.  Hmmm....the price we have to pay for having a long holiday last December.  But that doesn't mean I have no time to relax at home.  I'm spending my extra time watching One Tree Hill series or busy indulging myself on reading books I bought on sale at National Bookstore.  But I only did that when hubby's still at work or he's also busy finishing work at his laptop.  Or else, he might think I have no time for him (he-he)  

The weather is colder these days, and hubby wants to go to Baguio! Arrgh! We saw in the TV news that temperature there is 9.6 degrees! I don't think I can ever take a bath there without a hot water.  But no, he was just joking.  We might go there on Holy Week as we do yearly. Palawan is a nice destination too. I wish =)


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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

naku po. ung lamig nga dito nde ko na kaya sa baguio pa kaya. hahaha. busy ba sa office ngaun ha