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From Party to Work

Long vacation is over and it's back to work! As usual, I feel sluggish this morning. Though I wanted to stay more to bed, my alarm clock wakes me up every 10 minutes and i have no choice but to get up.  The weather this month till next month is much colder than December and that makes me wanted to curl more in our bed.

Mico celebrates his 7th birthday yesteday in our house.  And I thought I can have my much needed rest that day, still, I remained demoted to the kitchen and did all the cooking.  We never expected that hubby's relatives poured in our little house and as I cooked the second set of spaghetti and chicken lollipop, I went up in our room and told my hubby If I looked like a house help to him (ha-ha! I was so upset that time because I do all the cooking and his aunt never stop talking and instructing that my head start to ache). 

He understood right away and promised me that it won't happen again.  As i settled that night, I told him that it's all right to cook but I needed some little help from them.

Anyways, I'm glad that it's over and the party ended well.  Now, the reality is.... I need to start working now, ha-ha! =) 

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