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Breath and Relax

I can’t imagine that holiday is nearly over.  As we reflect and remembers God’s greatest gift through Papa Jesus, we went to Tagaytay and heard the mass about Papa Jesus 7 last words (before He died) at Our Lady of Lourdes Church.  You might wonder that just the other day we were in Pampanga and we end up in the south part the following day.  Well, it's because we came back last Thursday and our planned of an  over night swimming in Subic never pushed through.  Hubby and I decided to go home early to prepare the house and to sort things over.  The night we were in Pampanga, he talked to Tatay’s doctor and confirmed the latest results of the blood tests.  And his doctor told him that Tatay need the blood transfusion again.  It’s quite alarming now, it is less than a month when we last admitted Tatay in the hospital.  And the doctor insists the dialysis.  But Tatay said he can’t do it.  So we went home and we left his parents in Pampanga because they will be having some brothers and sisters reunion and they all wanted to see Tatay

At home, we put their bed at the extra space in our living room so Tatay can move freely going to the restroom without the pain of going up and down from the room. We also check some resources (you know..) But then Papa invited us to Laguna and hubby said we can use the car in going there and went to Tagaytay.  And the rest is history.  At least, we have ample time to relax and be merry and happy before we face more serious problem ahead.

corn lovers...

Mama Mary

yummy raisin bread

at the back of Mama Mary's shrine

snack time! fishballs, kikiam and chicken balls!

At Talisay, Batangas.. looking for mudfish that Papa craves.

digging the fishes (tawilis and mudfish)

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