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Purse Talk

And now after soooo long overdue on my draft post, finally....

A Tag from Shar (thanks sis!) 

The rules are as follow:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you can't go into your closet and pull out your favorite purse! We want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house.
2. List how much it cost. And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, we'd love to hear it.
3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you're showing everyone your bag.

This was the bag i used during our whole travel to Pampanga,Subic,Laguna, Tagaytay and Batangas. Actually, it was my sis Snoopy sling bag. And i haven't returned it yet to her (hehehe..bad sis!) So definitely, i wouldn't know how much it cost.  During the whole travel stint,  those are the things that i carrried all through out.  The big Guess wallet was a Christmas gift from hubby 2 years ago, it maybe cost P1500 or more. A Samsung MP3 that my brother gave me 2 years ago and i think it cost P2800 or less. The cute coin purse if a gift from a friend at the office last Christmas. The Revlon Petaluminous lipstick was from my sister when she came back from an out of the country vacation. Come to think of it, i realized that the only things i really bought is the Maybelline and avon pressed powder, a P20 fan, a P66 dental floss, P10.50 Johnson baby powder and 2 lollipops (lol!) everything else are from my love ones. Lucky Mye!

Passing this to: Milet, Mhay, Arlene, and Pau

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2 shared their thoughts:

~ Mhay ~ said...

Thanks for the tag mye! will do it soon :) God bless!

MiLeT said...

tapos na po.