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Life Challenge

Thank God it’s Friday.  I feel so tired this whole week and I can only think of my 2-day rest from work.  But Tatay is in the hospital again for his blood transfusion, his recent blood test shows that his hemoglobin drops from 6.8 with less than a month from his last hospitalization.  Even hubby is having a hard time looking for a blood donor now. Good thing some of friends at work asking their friends if they can donate blood. 

The good news is Tatay is already had a go signal from his doctor to go home tomorrow morning.  So hubby is rushing some documents from his office now.  By next week, we will accompany my in-laws going back to Pampanga. That is the initial plan and I don’t know if hubby will look for the nearest hospital there in case Tatay needs some check-ups and blood transfusion in the future.  They still need to talk about it, though.  As for me, I can only give suggestions and I’ll stick with my hubby’s side for support. 

I have so many things to do in my mind right now.  But my body needs to energize first and I need my much needed sleep and rest but I guess I have to take a leave from work again to be able to do that. Come to think of it, i believe it was "inside" that feels weak and stressed.  

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