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New Place and a Sad News

Subic Bay in Olongapo became my one favorite place to stroll. Quite far, right? But because Tatay is staying in their family home in Pampanga and Subic is just 30-45 minutes away from their place.  When we are there and when we can’t think of anything to do, road trip comes next.

My mom usually hops along even if she’s tired of strolling around the malls with my youngest sister.  She really has no problem making those long walks and long travel as long as she’s traveling by car.  She has this new motto in life, “make the most of it while she can” And somehow it’s true, she’s took care all her 5 children all her life and now we have our own family, she can go wherever she wants and loving every minute of it. 

I know it’s hard for my hubby letting Tatay and Nanay to stay in Pampanga when he was in Manila working.  One night, when he received a text from my mother in-law that Tatay was having a hard time breathing, he asked me if their decision of letting Tatay stayed in the province is the right thing to do.  And I said to him that when we go to Pampanga next week, he should ask Tatay where he wants to stay and we should oblige with it.  Tatay’s condition is inevitable.  His doctor said if the patient can’t do the dialysis then blood transfusion is useless. His last hospitalization for blood transfusion is definitely the last.  And we can’t do any more about it. Imagine the river of tears from his relatives upon hearing the sad news. This is the saddest news.  Hubby spent some sleepless night and I know it not that easy for him.  I can see him joking around Tatay and I saw him one time that he lay beside Tatay in the bed.  My hubby is one strong guy, but I know, it was inside that he cried. We can only ask for prayers, it will surely help.

Nanay’s cousin visited us last weekend and she’s also our godmother (wedding).  I can see my parent in-law’s happy faces knowing that they remember.

Our Ninang, with Tatay, Nanay and hubby's cousin Michelle

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