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A Special Trip

Since my sister and the kids with my mom are in Davao, we had the opportunity to travel Tatay to Pampanga to visit his relatives. Though he is still weak, he agreed to go Tuesday night and we can see in his face the excitement and happiness knowing they can have a little get together. It’s true, his relatives are all happy seeing their Uncle and brother and they wish Tatay could stay for few more days. And I knew, this is the place and people were he wants to be with for the rest of his life. We stayed in the house of hubby’s cousin and today, we went to Subic Bay and stroll around. One thing that I'm happy about having your own car, you can go from places to places without the hassle.

Let the pictures take you there =)

Hubby's niece (Janine) and cousin (Ate Nelda) went with us that day. We went to Virgin Forest and was able to see those cute monkeys on the streets. We drive also to the Bat Kingdom, but unfortunately, the bats transfer to the other side of the forest (due to deforestation) but i was able to captured some of their hide outs up in the trees before they take their flight at night. We went to Ocean Adventure but it is already closed so we had our picture taking moments by the beach and in Camayan beach resort. We ate dinner at Lagoon Grill & Bar Restaurant and we had a change to bump with some showbiz stars like Megan Young and Jon Avila in some duty free stores.

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

yeth, parang pumayat ka. dun sa fourth picture mo. may ganyan din kami picture in front of camayan beach. last year nga lang.