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Fun Plan

As much as I don’t want to think that I’ll be having a 7 non-working days starting tomorrow (well, I filed a 2-day vacation leave for April 7 & 8) my mind is already going somewhere else.  I’m feeling lazy today! My gosh, I can smell cool breeze, native foods and nature tripping in my mind now and hubby insists that maybe we can have a late reservation somewhere else for a few days get away.  But I know many of the hotels and flights today till next week are fully booked and there’s no way we can squeeze in or we will spend much on higher tickets and fees. 


I’m thinking of Antipolo trip on Good Friday but he said we must try other places like Subic and Tagaytay.  I’m checking on some sites on the web, but I can’t decide without him and accomadations are on dollar rate. Gosh! Usually, we spent Holy Week in Baguio but now, my sister’s family decided to spend it in Davao with my mom and Aubrey.  I hope our budget can afford a Palawan adventure, but I can only wish. He-he.

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