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Busiest time of the year

I posted earlier that this is the month that made me so busy during weekends. My schedule is fully booked till the end of the month. Christmas parties get together, meet-ups, activities are exhausting but it made me happy and feels so excited. Anyways, it was just once a year that we can all have this. I had a great time with my high school friends last Friday, we celebrated one of my guy classmates birthday in Music 88 in Blue Wave, Pasay and we really had a great time while singing, updating our current family lives, reminiscing the old days, having fun with each other and we even continue talking and joking in Starbucks. I am so happy seeing them all especially the guys because we rarely had a change to meet because of schedule conflicts but this time they came.


Saturday is yet another event that I and my youngest sister attended. It is the Nestle Club mini-Christmas party that was held in Nestle Julius Maggie kitchen in Nestle building in Rockwell, Makati. They sent a notification thru e-mails and I thought at first that I will not attend if my sister won’t confirm that she will come too. But good thing she doesn’t have anything to do that day and so we planned that we will go together. It was fun activities and we got to know some home makers who also attended the events, we got the chance to do our own tiramisu ref cake and we will able to see Nestle resident chef Tess in a cooking demo. And most of all, the yummy lunch they had for us and the Nestle goodies give-away for each of the attendees. It was such a great experience for us.

I was a bit feeling dizzy when we go to Mall of Asia after the Nestle events, I really feel so sleepy and I really wanted to rest, but hubby and my mother in law was there to do some Christmas shopping. And after we had a snack in Polo Loco, I thought we are going home but hubby said he wants to go to the World Trade bazaar in Buendia, I think I faint that time. But still we proceeded to the venue. I think that events were hosted by ABS-CBN, and there is an entrance fee of P30. And my worst fear came true (ha-ha!), there are many people in the place and I can think of anything more but to sleep and rest, I just go in the flow and I didn’t check for some items that I could buy. Well, they bought some item, especially foods and snack and at last, we went home and I immediately lay down in our bed to sleep. What a day! =)

Now, I am going to Greenbelt 3 for a yearly get together of my online friends. I skipped the change to meet them last year because I fell sick that time but this time, I need to see them at least for a few hours because we need to go to Quaipo with hubby after. I think I need a foot spa after all of these. Well, tomorrow is another day and I need to restore my energy fast.

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