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Sleep Deprivation

I never thought that mid week can really feel like it’s Friday! Since December 24 was declared as a non -working holiday, this is my last day here in the office and I filed a leave of absence for the remaining working days next week  till New Year.  I can’t sleep last night because hubby attended their Christmas party and since I’m all alone in our room, I list down all the ingredients I needed to buy for my menu at Christmas Eve and I put in one place the curtains, bed and pillow sheets so I can change it all this evening and also I had some last minute gift wrapping.  I moved some fragile display on our bedroom and in my computer table because the whole family will come tomorrow and it will be a disaster once the kids stay in our room.  Before I knew it, I heard the clock ticks and it is almost 3am in the morning!  And I didn’t even notice that hubby came and is already sleeping beside me (ha-ha!)


Now, I really feel sleepy and I really wanted to laid down and sleep.  But I need to calm down, I need to recharge, I still have more hours before I can call it a day.  My hubby said that some of his relatives are already in the house now, they spend Christmas with us. 


I read all the good reviews on the movie Avatar, I wish I still have the time to watch that before the all Filipino film festival this Christmas.  But I’m depriving my body the sleeps it needs and I felt that my head will detach on my body anytime now if I won’t rest and give back my energy. 

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