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Party People

We really had a good time last Friday during our company’s Christmas party. Everybody dressed in their 80’s and got there in time for the mass and the venue was really great and smells expensive. We still have the same caterer like last year and I would say that Albergus is getting better. Albergus offered us varieties of foods, desserts, appetizers and the overflowing drinks and beers plus their attentive staffs were all great and superb! I am one of the lucky one to get a consolation prize of T-shirt (ha-ha!) and this year, most of us in the project got a little something from consolation to one of the major prize in the raffle draws. I must say it’s better than nothing (he-he). We stayed till the entire group presentations are over and we got to hear the first set of the invited band and we dance to the groove in a small place near our table. At past 12 midnight, we walked to the next pit stop which is the Music 88 (to the horror of the ladies who wears high-heeled shoes!) but once were there the tired mood changes to videoke kings and queens. I’m so glad looking at them dancing and singing their hearts out and without inhibitions and drinking margarita and tequila sunrise. It lasted for 3 hours and I reached home at almost 4am where hubby is waiting for me in the gate.

We plan on going there again after our warehouse Christmas party next week. I hope that everyone can go with us this time.

The pictures below says it all =)

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