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Office Party!

Despite one minor incident, we just had an amazing Christmas get together here in our office.  I was assigned in the over all planning in this yearly event and I don’t know why some people can get used to that tradition.  Let’s call them the Grinch, (from the movie of Jim Carrey) but we can’t just allow few people to ruin the happy mood and I was right, this year is the funniest and the happiest Christmas party ever in my more than 3 years in our company and 6 years for this project.


We start off with a sumptuous lunch before we proceeded with the exchange gift. For a change, I asked them to describe their baby before giving them their gift.  And I just could imagine that it will be funnier than by just giving them their gift, the description on their baby was hilarious! Party games followed and I’m glad that everybody participated including our bosses. 


I don’t want to planned for this small gathering at first, we are planning for a lunch out get together but I was right, this is so much fun than by just eating in a restaurant.   So I said to myself, this day is a fun day, no room for “GRINCH” attitudes and we are all happy in the true spirits of Christmas.

Tomorrow is my last day and I'll be on leave on the Dec. 28 and 29.  So happy!

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