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Down and Up

We sometimes experience some unavoidable happenings in our job and the latest casualty is our main printer. And for the first time in my working life, I flared up and even throw my ball pen in frustrations. Because it’s almost 4 days now that we do the entire manual thing and we write and write all the time in an endless routine so it won’t hamper our operations. My right arm felt numb and my fingers suddenly stopped to move and my head ache added insult to the injury.

The good thing is I learned to go back to my usual cheerful side after a while of disappointments. I take it as a challenge and I encourage happy conversations with my colleague while working so we won’t feel tired and to forget that after doing manual and the printer is up, we will still have to continue the filing and updating the system. What a wonderful world, ha-ha!

So we take a break and pose for this picture during our lunch break. Still looking good, huh! =

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

grabe buti maayos na. eh d nagkakalyo kayo sa pagsulat. hahaha.