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Twins in Town

I admit we are not in good terms with my sister in-law.  Those harsh words she throw and her jealousy to us was quite unforgivable considering we did our very best to made her feel comfortable and her pregnancy easy when she stayed in our house in Laguna.  But as the saying goes, you cannot please everybody and she falls in that hard to please category.  When she went abroad last month, my brother said my Mom can ask his mother-in law so the twins can spend Christmas with us.  We are quite amazed on how they grow so fast and they can really make your day with their jolly moods especially the youngest, Paolo.  The eldest seems aloof to us but he gradually adjusted to his new environment as the days passed by.  Even Vince said if the twins can stay with us till new year but my sister said she need to bring back the twins after Christmas.  But at least they can now experience our happy way version of Christmas celebration. 


Yesterday, I meet them at Quantum in SM Sucat and they are so happy running around the area and I suddenly felt sad that they are so far away from us and we only have ample time to be with them every year.  We want to see them grow right before our eyes but we know that’s not possible.  So we just treasure the time that they are with us.

Paolo Allen

make shift swimming pool =)

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