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Happy New Year 2010!

We are getting bigger and better as we celebrate the New Year in my parents house in Laguna. My aunt’s family came and they brought “relyenong bangus (stuffed fish) which is my super favorite. I love how my Aunt cooked it, very tasty and you will always crave for more. My hubby’s Aunt also came with her family and they brought cake and some fireworks for the kids delight. I am as usual the head of the kitchen and good thing we have enough house help that I never felt so tired doing all the cooking and making the dessert. After the church mass we had games that were really fun and the kids and the adults really enjoyed before the feast. My sister requested a mango panna cotta and it was quite a best seller that night. It is her birthday today and we always celebrated her day in Tagaytay but the other car’s wheel had a trouble so we will probably had to dine in at a mall in Alabang.

We felt so blessed this year. Though Tatay, (my father in law) passed away last April, I know that he’s happy seeing his family doing good, healthy and okay. I need to fulfill my New Year’s resolution that I’ll be a good girl now (ha-ha!) and how I really wish I can do that (he-he) And I have to put an extra effort to diet now that I felt that I really ate much when we had a long vacation at work. Good luck with that.

Anyways, Happy 2010 everyone!!! God bless us all! =)

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