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Patience and Happiness

It’s been a slightly tough days I had last week. Some, I get over it and some; I still need to stretch more my patience so I can move on till the time says off to work. We wonder how she can spend her days frowning and sniggering with us and then suddenly change her mood at the other side. But I have been at my work for six years not to know her true self. Maybe we learned to adjust more and dealing with her than to get affected with the ways she treats us. I must try to ignore this feeling in me to tell her she’s unfair because it doesn’t make sense. I respected her and I know she would realize that.

My sister celebrated her birthday in Tony Romas in Alabang Town Center. My whole family and my Aunt were there and I am happy that we can still bond together amidst our schedule conflict. I would like to say that this is really an expensive dinner for me and I can’t treat my family like this if I am the one to celebrate my birthday (ha-ha!) We enjoyed it and we continue our bonding at Starbucks. Happy Birthday, sis! =)

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