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Not Well

And I thought this is supposed to be my year.  But here I am, feeling sick and a bit sad again.  My nephews who stayed with us last week had a cough and colds and time will come that I will also have those because they stayed in my room and since it is air-conditioned the bacterias were having the feast of their lives.  Before I knew it, I'm already sneezing and having a slight cough. 


I’m a bit sad because on some personal issues.  But I can manage it now and yes, I was really upset yesterday.  I guess I’m having my period anytime now.  If I’m alone in our room, I always thought of resigning from my job this year to concentrate on having a baby but I guess I have to wait till my husband settle on his work because they are having a big transition in their department with a new boss, new rules, new heads and he felt that they are all in a limbo right now. 


Why do I feel that there’s a gloomy air around here in our work place? Or is it only me?   Or maybe everybody still has this vacation hang-over.  I felt so relax last week, I hope I can still have that precious time that I can wake up anytime I like and I can sleep late for all I care =) I guess I need to wish for that too.

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