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Weekend Spree - Food Trip

This is the first time this year that hubby and I used our weekend just to stroll around. We bought food for Chase (our dog) in Cartimar, went to Mall of Asia to buy some things for my baking needs, good thing I saw a shirt from Bench store and hubby agreed to he like it for me, and that really made me happy! =) But I know that it’s a bad sign that we walk and walk around because we get tired and we felt that we're so hungry and that’s a big oh, no! on my diet plans. But still, we order foods as if we are celebrating our Valentines dinner ogether but we are really happy digging our plates while we talk on everything from politics, histories, other countries folk tales to vampires and witches real stories. I love to converse with hubby like this, we are both wide readers and I really like it (though we both argue sometimes at one point), but it's okay we laugh it off after a while.

We had our snacks in Cartimar, mango shake and beef shawarma.

seafood past and stone baked pepperoni pizza at bistro ravioli in MOA

hubby's favorite cake, tiramisu

Today, we went to my dental appointment at SM Sucat. And it’s good that they have their mall wide weekend sale and I use that opportunity on buying sale pocketbooks of Kresley Cole, my new office shoes and some kitchen stuffs. I really love weekends! =)

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