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Something New

It was a very fulfilling weekend for me. Hubby and I went for a stroll in the busy Divisoria and bought anything we’d like because I admit prices in this side of town is way too cheap compare to any market places here in Metro Manila. Hubby wants to change the designs of our kitchen ceilings and we look for the place where we can choose from many varieties of hanging plastic plants or vines. Hubby really likes to decorate, sometimes, he’s the one asking me to change and arrange our things and decorations. We need to change the flowers, better look for a wall décor and many more. But I like that, at least even on his busiest days, he can still do such thing.

Hubby asked me to cook something different this morning. I can’t think of anything else to cook besides my usual weekend menu. And then I think of the menu I had when we attended the Nestle club Christmas party at that is Shanghai Lava Sticks, I have some doubts if they would like that since they need to eat the paprika and it may look awful to them but I was wrong, they like it and they just eat it non stop! Oh my, I thought I lost my magic cooking touch but I did it again, and I’m so happy.

It’s been another week and I’m getting all restless watching Pinoy Big Brother live streaming, but my bet was evicted and eventually I can now sleep early. Bu I’m glad I found a new set of friends while really enjoying the show.

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