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My high school best friend celebrated her birthday last week, I wrote on my previous posts about our birthday bonding and I’m happy that our promise was not made to be broken. I know that even if we seldom see each other because of work and busy family life we can always find some precious time to be together.

We ate at Mang Inasal and we talked about our daily lives. Then we transferred at a coffee shop at the ground floor of SM Sucat and we continue on our endless conversation. One thing that’s really exciting when meeting them is that we can always talk on everything and anything and laughed ourselves out loud. It brings me back during our secondary school years that despite of adjusting a lot in our adolescent years, we can always managed to bring out the best laughed anytime.

While in the middle of our non-stop talking, the lights in SM went off and we laughed when we noticed that the mall and the store around us was already closed (ha-ha!) But we didn’t worry that we can’t continue our conversation because we went to the parking lot and we sat near the car of my friend and we talked again till we run out of topic. Before my friend dropped us near our place, she gave us tikoy (Chinese New Year pudding) and mine is my favorite ube flavor! Happy Birthday, Emy! God bless you always =)

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1 shared their thoughts:

SHARQUE said...

nice nman i hope my HS barkada will meet also one of this days.. am back sis.. trying to catch up.. see u around sis. nice layout