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A Fishful Date

It was a fun filled weekend for me; I’ve been to my friend's birthday then Big Brother Big Night at Ninoy Aquino Stadium and today, a Valentines Day. We thought of celebrating this special day at Tagaytay, but since I have lots of happenings to attend, we got tired of the plan. Hubby suggested that we go and visit Manila Ocean Park at Luneta and I liked the idea of spending some cozy time with the fishes (ha-ha!). You have to get a number in the place marshals and wait for your number to be called before you can pay at the cashier for P400 ($8.69). We have to wait long, so we thought of eating snacks at the nearby restaurant before going back to check on our numbers. Gerry’s Grill serves delicious spaghetti and club house sandwich and we are so full when we got up from our seats =)

Ocean Park is truly worth it, especially when you are nature or sea lovers. You got to find different species of fish and the stingrays are big and really amazing and the sharks are really scary but beautiful.

But the nicest thing we did is to try the Fish Spa. I always read something about it and I can’t wait to dip my feet on the water to test if they will really nibble on your dead skins. I found out that it’s relaxing, at first it tickles and you’ll be a bit scared, but once your skin get accustom to their nibbling, it’s enjoyable too! We both enjoyed it. My feet felt good after the fish spa and I want to try it again someday.

I have a great time today. I wish everybody can celebrate with their love ones even on their simplest ways. I was so touch when hubby surprises me with the balloons, cards and cakes when I entered our room while he waited downstairs last night. He never change, still sweet as ever =)

Happy Hearts Day, friends!

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