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Rest in Peace

We went to Pampanga last Friday night and attended the wake of my hobby’s favorite Aunt who passed away last Tuesday night. We feel so saddened that Indang Lucia even promised to attend Tatay’s first year death anniversary this April but I know they both will because Tatay is with her now. My hubby said that his Aunt helped him with all his needs since he was born. Hubby was quite sickly until his 7th year of age but Inda helped them in anyway she can up until his college years.

We last saw her strong last year when we attended her birthday celebration and we went to Pampanga. Hubby visits her when she was in ICU in a hospital in Angeles, Pampanga last January. But it her time to go and I know she’s happy that she made it that far. She was finally laid to rest this afternoon and she left with us all her loving and happy and cheerful memories. May you rest in peace with our Dear Lord and Tatay, Indang Lucia.

Indang Lucia at her birthday celebration last year.
We will surely miss you, Inda. Be at peace.

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