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I never thought that when I agreed to my father’s request to join them in my cousin’s wedding, I will be attending a truly remarkable and elegant occasion. The ceremony/reception was held in the Quezon hall of Makati Shangri-La Hotel. My aunt (the mother of the group) invited Papa over the phone since they all coming from Ilocos Sur and the groom and his bride both came from the US where they both reside. They said we need to be in our formal dress. And I never thought that it is way too formal that I told hubby we should at least buy a pair of formal dress for any occasions that requires dressing up formal.

This occasion has double purpose, a wedding and a reunion of my father’s relatives that are now living abroad. I can see how Papa hopped from table to table before the ceremony begins and get someone and introduced to us. Most of them are not really familiar to me. My father was so happy meeting his distant cousins and nephew/nieces that he never sees for so many years. I know this occasion means a lot to him.

The ceremony was solemn and was wonderfully coordinated. From table numbers, makeshift altar decorations to their 5-layer wedding cake and the live band added some happy feeling with their kind of love music. The foods above all these are the best. From their appetizer to main dish to the sweetest desserts you ever wished for are all there. Every visitor can’t ask for more and we need not to go back for the second serving because we are so full already. I really love their foods! After eating, they also serve coffees (if you like) and they also make rounds for some red wine, champagne or whiskey. I ‘m so happy I witnessed this joyous moment of their life and I wish all the best for my newly wed cousins, Adrian and Maria =)

Love them all!

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