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Happy Feet

I take a different route on the way home tonight because I really wanted to try the newly opened salon in the area where I usually took another ride going home. There’s a package of P200 ($4.44) for a foot spa with manicure and pedicure. And I think this fits to my budget when it comes to beauty treatment. I have been complaining to hubby that needed a foot massage because it was ages ago since I done it at the mall (well, mall rate is way more expensive than a local salon). But my curiosity on trying this new salon is overwhelming that I have this urge to go and try one of their services.

At first I peeked into their window and checked if there’s a lot of customers so I can back out anytime without going inside but I guess it was for me, I saw 2 empty coaches that meant for the foot and hand massage customers. The owner is friendly; the salon is air conditioned and the assigned staff works great in my hands and most especially with my feet. I gave her a nice tip after.

I reached home just in time to watch the last episode of a phenomenal drama TV series (May Bukas Pa) and hubby informed me that my sister called that we will have to attend my cousin son’s wedding in Makati tomorrow afternoon. See, I really need to have a happy feet because the attire is formal =)

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