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Beautiful Girl

I finally met Cathy Remperas of PBB Double Up (a reality show here in the Phils.) last Friday. I doubted at first if I can go with my other friends in Pinoy Exchange.com because we had a meeting that day and the meeting place in Edsa Shangri-La Mall was too far from my office in Sucat, Paranaque and the traffic in Edsa was unbearable.

But I made it. I ride a bus going to Magallanes and then take an MRT ride to Shaw Blvd. I was just on time and I changed my office clothes to a casual dress and then I saw Cathy standing with my other friends. She is beautiful, I’m taller than her though she looks likes tall in the TV and she has the same aura of what we projected her in the show, spontaneous, happy and always smiling. We proceeded in the California Pizza Kitchen because that’s the first restaurant we saw on that floor. We can’t just move around to check on the other place to eat because Cathy was already with us.

We ordered the foods, and she ate while telling us that the foods will surely ruined her diet. We told her that she’s thin already and no need to go on diet anymore. She talked on her starting TV career and we planned for the get together on March 6.

I noticed that she has an olive skin, and her eyes are indeed beautiful. Her face is so small I can shape my palm on her face. We went on giving her our gifts and she’s thankful that she thought it’s her birthday that day. We went out at 10pm and everybody was so happy being with her again. I wish her the best in her showbiz career.

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