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Election Fever

I still have some hang ups from the election held yesterday.  And to think that my bet for presidency lost in the battle, I’m really upset and my body lost some energy, too. Ha-ha! I had some second thoughts in voting that day. Because we all know how the voting system works here in the Philippines.  Long line, can’t find your precinct number, overcrowded place because of the poll watchers and by-standers and the worst, you can’t find your name in the lists.  But this automated election process is a new milestone from our government and I want to try it and to satisfy my curiosity.  So i travelled back to our old place in Pasay to vote.


Good thing the machine assigned to our area hasn’t done much trouble unlike from what we’ve seen is the news that most of the machines are not working, paper jams, can’t transmit the data to the servers and more.  I let my sister fall in line and I’m next to her.  I have a hard time voting and choosing from our local candidates simply because I don’t know them and I have no idea on their platforms.  But whatever, I shade only the few good people I know.  I also chat with some old friends in our place and we recalled all the street games we played when we were young.  Now, they are the one looking after their kids playing in the plaza :)



Aside from the long wait, I had a fun time with the twins, Vince and Aubrey.  Having them in one house means chaos but it will make you laugh till you drop.  But one thing I noticed, they are growing so fast

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