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Net book

This is my first entry post using my brand new laptop. Yes, hubby bought me a Toshiba Net book 305 yesterday and I never knew that he'll give me my gift wish from him since my birthday is still 3 months away. I just kept silent while he's checking on some other brands but deep inside I'm starting to scream. Is he really going to buy it? Am I having that laptop tonight? Ha-ha!

And I'm ecstatic when he finally agreed to the price and he let me choose the laptop color between red, blue and brown. I choose red because it looks classy and chic :) No words can describe the feeling, I can only thank him for giving me my special wish.

All the times that I gave him some expensive gifts he would always return it with a triple price tag. He never forgets. And that is only one from the many good traits of my hubby. I am proud and I'm so blessed for having such a wonderful man as my better half. Did I tell you that there are reasons to be happy? Well, I am surprised too, but this is one surprise that I am really grateful =)

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