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I’m having a problem with my delayed monthly period. I got worried that I already checked on my OB Gyne’s schedule this Saturday.  Good thing that I had my period yesterday, at least I am spared from going to the hospital again =) But my delayed period caused me a lot of pains, back aches, laziness, head ache and almost everything that every woman endures when having a period. 

I think of leaving from work but I know if I stay at home, I will consume a lot of electricity (that doubles this month) I’ll be online and I’ll be using the aircon the whole day because the heat here in Manila is overbearing! I think it can kill any man exposed within the time of 11am-2pm and under the sun.  And I don’t think the night helps lessen the heat.   Without aircon in your room, you will have a hard time sleeping at night and less sleep will really irritates you.  

And in times of this, you think you are somewhere in the place where there is snow.  Just like in the picture below.  So cold!! (ha-ha!).

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