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Family Day

This is the week where we spent most of our time with our respective families and relatives. April 26 was my father in-law’s first year death anniversary and we had a mini-reunion with some of hubby’s long distance relatives. Some of them stayed in our house and enjoying their free time whiles their children in on summer vacation.

My mom, sister and the twins of my brother will drop here in the morning and our house will surely fill with laughter since Mico and Harvy (hubby’s nephews to his cousin) are still here with us. Hubby wanted to watch Iron Man 2 at the Mall of Asia but just decided to stroll at the bay walk and wait for the fireworks display that started at 7pm. We ate dinner at Gerry’s Grill. We are so full so I asked hubby if we can play. I know I shouldn’t get into the games at Tom’s world but the P1.00 coin slot game where if you drop it at the bottom of the machine will be equivalent to 2 tickets was so addicting that I never knew I already spent P400 ($9) in exchange of 744 tickets. But we had fun and that’s what matters most.

I miss the 50% price off in French baker so we decided to wait in the line and wait for the closing of the store. We had the chance to buy all the breads we want because we are number 1 in the line. I was tired walking back and forth but I miss doing it with my hubby who came home after a 4-day business trip again in Dumaguete. What a weekend indeed :)

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