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Happy Mother's Day!

This is the time when we all think of what we can give to the very special person in this world. And I’m so proud and happy to say that I have the opportunity to spend one quality time with my mother today. Hubby thought of going to Ocean Park in Luneta but since Mama and I have been there before, we just go and do a little street shopping in Quaipo and we both agreed to meet at Mall of Asia for the dinner.

And we both glad that we made them happy today. Hubby said my mother in-law and his Aunt together with Mico and Aubrey had so much fun inside the park. While I bought all the things my mom wants while we were strolling at every corner of Quiapo and had a snack and some nice chat in Greenwich. I wish I can have more time with Mama. I want to give it all for her and I’m so glad that she is proud of me.

Just want to make space to greet also my blogging Mom’s and friends and family. I salute you guys for making things possible for your children. Happy Mother’s Day!

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