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Series Marathon

I was amazed in the story line of series The Tudors mainly because I think 80% of the story and characters really happened in the year of King Henry VIII of England.  Hubby and I are doing the marathon watching of this series that I can only feel the lack of sleep when I’m in the office.  

I started to read in the net the life stories of each of the characters and that makes me appreciate the adaptation of their life more.  But believe me, you didn’t want to live in those years and in that place where the crimes were punishable by hanging, burning and the worst, chopping your body into 4 parts then boiling it.  It was so devastating that you have to witness it happening in front of you. 

This series brings me back to reading the old history of the king and queens in Europe.  I was once interested in their life stories when I was in college and I remember I used to borrow books about them in our school library.  Sometimes, I dream of becoming a princess too (ha-ha!) but we all knew that in real life of the prince and princesses, it’s not that easy being one.  

Oh well, I’m glad that I can still give some insights to hubby when he’s asking questions about the Tudors dynasty.  It refreshes my mind :)

The Tudors (tv series)

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