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Bon Voyage!

Doc Ed will be leaving to Singapore this Tuesday but he never forgot to meet us that Sunday.  We ate at Chillis in Greenbelt 5 in Makati and we talked about his 3 weeks stint in Italy.  He even gave us a scented rosary and it was really beautiful.  His pictures of the enormous pizzas while they dine at a local restaurant there were awesome.  I want to go there too! Ha-ha! 

Ann Li and her friend April came by and we chat as we dig on a veggie salad (but I still don’t like it and I only ate the chicken toppings). But the mini burgers and the pesto pasta were great.   Ann gave Doc Ed a souvenir signed photos and we stayed for an hour in Seattle’s Best.  I'm gonna miss some good times with Doc Ed, he’s one of a person I'd like to talk to, highly intelligent and very accomadating.   He’s a pediatrician and he will specialize in Oncology in Singapore.  We will meet you again, doc, after three years.  Take care of yourself, God bless and thanks for all the wonderful times we had with our fellow Jamli friends.

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Phnoy Tv Online said...

good for you, you have plenty of friends. treasure them.