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Trick or Treat Party

We will be having our first get together for Ann Li’s (PBB Teen Edition) supporters this Saturday, October 30.  And as usual, I am one of the busiest coordinator and I’m making it an afternoon to remember especially to the newbie’s whose age ranges to 12-15 years old.  It’s a Halloween meet-ups and I’m expecting everyone wearing their scariest costumes including me (he-he).  I already bought some giveaways for the first 24 early birds to register in the venue (Max’s restaurant in Greenbelt, Makati) and I got a cute rag dolls for the two best in costume award plus other freebies donated by some supporters. 

I’m expecting a lot for this get together and I’m happy to meet new faces and old friends in this event.  I’m hoping for the best.

a blue magic rag doll for the best in costume award

Halloween bath gel for the early birds :)

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