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Hairy Problem

I have to do something to my hair (ha-ha!) I noticed that it’s longer now and it’s frizzy! Hair nightmare! I told hubby about it and he told me, “Yah, it’s kind of dull and dry” and I answered, “Kind of?! It’s super dry!”  But he replied that I shouldn’t worry, I just need to go to my favorite hair centre in Mall of Asia and problem solved. 

The problem is, if hair this long (below bra line) then the price of hair treatment is expensive (they based on hair length) plus I really wanted to try the colored cellophane for my hair.  But then our 6th year anniversary is fast approaching and maybe I could sweet talk hubby to that it will be his anniversary gift for me so my conscience wouldn’t bug me of the costly slash to our budget because of my hair.  The thing is I need to think about it many times, and that will be my biggest problem (he-he).  

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