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In God's Time

Have you ever wished you could turn back the time? Those were the times that you thought you had wonderful and great times with them. But after all what was said and done and you both challenged each others with words that you couldn't take back anymore, you will keep asking yourself. What went wrong?

But they said that people tend to tell what’s really on their hearts when they’re angry. And you wanted to believe with that somehow and some point because you can’t see any excuse to explain everything. It made you realize that the friendship you build over the years was not enough. There will always been a trust issues after all. They said that it takes years to build the reputation and only few seconds to destroy it. Now you don’t know whose reputations are now destroyed. Though you don’t want to think about it, you always felt a heavy heart every time it crosses your mind. Sometimes, you just can’t let go and forget all about it. It keeps coming back and stab you over and over again. It created a deep impact in your life and you will have it forever.

Forgive those who asked for forgiveness and then move on. Can it still bring back the old times? We don’t know. Maybe, someday, in God’s time.

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