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Rest and Relax

This weekend, we will just stay at home and relax. After some controversial incident happened at work last week, I felt I needed this much needed rest. Though it’s not much physically but more on mental aspect, in due time all of us will have our own peace of mind and we can all move on. As for me, I’ll regard this as a new chapter in life, knowing that you really can’t please everybody and trust and honesty is all that matters.

Staying at home makes me concentrate on the books my hubby gave me. I’m a fast reader and just hours of continues reading I can finish one whole book which has 3 different stories. I can’t find time to read those books because we focused on watching the US series we bought in Quiapo and that occupies most of my time after work and during weekends and made me feel sleepy at work. I hope hubby will not ask me to go to Quiapo since we need to buy the last two seasons of Tudors and the season one of Glee is incomplete so we need to replace it.

It feels good to be at home and enjoy the moment with your family. Happy Weekend, friends! :)

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