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Stay at home

Today, I fulfilled hubby’s request to cook for them. We went at the wet market early and bought his wish viand for the day which is pork binagoongan. I said last time that I will cook the baked lasagna since I have a lasagna noodles I bought in Subic the last time we went there. He reminded me to buy the ingredients, meaning that is his requested snack in the afternoon.

Cooking lunch is an easy job for me and they like the new variations I’ve done so that it will not turn too salty but I never imagined that baking lasagna will be that tiring and will take too long to cook. It’s my first time to cook it and I told my hubby that I will never question again why the price of lasagna in a restaurant or fast food is way too higher than spaghetti (ha-ha!). After I baked the lasagna, I’ve got two thumbs up approval from my mother in law and most especially from my hubby. But I swear I will never cook/bake it again except for some very special occasions. I was so tired I told hubby I want to sleep early.

So, who says that staying at home during weekend can be too boring? Well, not for me, I enjoy staying at home while reading my books or just cooking for them.

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