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Christmas Signs

Christmas is past approaching, I’m quite lazy these days and my weekend was occupied by Nathan. I can’t complete my Christmas shopping though I already bought some of my gifts to my god children. I’m also thinking of the menu for the Noche Buena because the whole family will be there at the house. I plan to buy some little cute souvenirs as a prize for the family games instead of giving them money.

I can now feel the spirit of Christmas. One sign is the traffic and no matter how I wake up early, the traffic is so unpredictable that I sometimes I ended up late at work. The December breeze is getting cooler now and I can see that most of the malls are on sale. I had a chance to bought a pants at Jag and Lee sale just near our company place and I want to check for more but you need a lot of patience to do that and there’s no fitting room.

My weekends are quite full and I hope I can have enough strength to do that altogether.

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