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Ann with Friends

We joined the Annlimiteds group on their first ever Christmas Party with Ann Li. It was a private affair and limited slots only event that took place in Café Romulo in Tomas Morato in Quezon City last December 19. It was a red and green themed party but somehow one member wore a white and black top (ha-ha!) We had an exchange gift and a little something for each other (I got a beautiful black bag, Victoria’s Secret perfume and a hair clip) and we ate non stop for we reserved their yellow room with a P12,000 consumable rate for 4 hours. We also had unlimited drinks and lots of foods as we had a give-me games. Ann who looked gorgeous as always was surprised to see Ivan who came with his entourage as the party began and the two were participating gamely.

They are both good looking and Ivan was accommodating. I thought it’s really nice to have that small group party than to have a large group event that you sometimes can’t controlled. But it's still fun though. Everybody was laughing and having the time of their life. Ann opened the gifts we had for her.

We really had a blast and we continued our little chit chats at a nearby Starbucks café and despite the heavy rains, we were all happy knowing that we will able to celebrate this annual event with our true friends.

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