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Annual Party

Last night was our company’s annual Christmas party. It was held in our Sucat warehouse and it gives me time to came early and do some make-ups. I don’t like my white dress that I wore that night. It’s a birthday gift for me from a family friend and I thought when I first wear it that it’s okay but I haven’t notice that the front linings was quite revealing and all I have to do was to cover it all night or else I'll be giving them a free show (ha-ha!)

I didn’t enjoy the party that much because it’s the first day of my period and my back aches was really annoying. The food was not that delicious and I missed the foods we had when we held the party at SMX in Mall of Asia last year. But the production contest per department was the best. It felt so good knowing they always gave their best every year for the grand prize. But I was not even lucky to be picked in the raffle draws and I went home early to rest. Better luck next time!

I still have lots of party to attend! Goodluck! :)

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