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Christmas Day!

Hubby planned the park hopping on Christmas day. I never thought he lured us to walk from Malate Church to Luneta Park! But the youngsters were all game on walking so I have no choice but to walk. We first went to the church and thanked God for all the blessings He gave us. And then came the hidden planned of hubby of operation walking, but actually I enjoyed walking around the Manila bay because we stopped on every street foods stand like dirty ice cream, grilled pusit (squid), sweet corn and many other things we want to eat while walking. Those were all mouth watering ha-ha! As expected, Luneta Park was over crowded but we sticked to the plans of just strolling around and take some pictures since one of my niece came from the province and her first time in the place.

starbucks honey
newest F5 members!
inside the Manila Ocean Park in Luneta

in front of PICC in Vito Cruz, Manila

Our last pit stop: break water in CCP. But our feet were so tired I begged hubby to take a taxi going there. We ate at a nearby Jollibee and we ended our journey at Starbucks where I finally claimed my 2011 Starbucks planner. It was quite a tiring day but a happy one.

What a way of spending Christmas Day! Happy Birthday, Papa Jesus!

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