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Noche Buena feast

I know I got excited with the special menu I planned for the Noche Buena that I didn’t realize I was the only one who can cook it and when I feel sleepy right after our gift giving that I felt that I was so tired I can’t manage to think of any games for the kids to play. So I begged off and told them I will do it on New Year’s eve.

But I’m most happy when Nathan wakes up at around 11:30pm and joined us in our picture taking and slept again after 10 minutes in the arms of his Dad. I cooked a menu with from my friend’s recipe which is pina-pork hamonado, guava glazed chicken lollies and sweet and sour cream dory fish. I’ve done the dessert and the lumpiang shanghai as early as Dec. 23 but that doesn’t mean I can relax because all I have to do that night was to cook. But it’s okay because I saw that they all like the foods and they compliment me as always and hubby appreciate my efforts and gave me a girbaud sling bag for Christmas (ha-ha!).

I thank God and greeted Papa Jesus on His birthday and all Their blessings and good health and everything thus making us stronger and binding.

Merry Christmas, blogger friends! :)

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