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Mixed Emotions

It’s the start of the night mass for the festivity. And it’s our eldest sisters’ birthday today. She asked for a new back pack and good thing I saw one at ilustrazio in SM mall of Asia last weekend and I bought one that fits to her description, she wants one with many pockets.

This is also the week that Nathan seems to learn to smile every time he hears our voice and recognized our faces. He responds when he hears his name and he cries when he thought we will lift him up. It was so amazing and we just keep on taking pictures and videos of him and of every new development that happens to him.

Last night was quite a sad night for us when I went home and found out that our youngest sister gave an ultimatum that all the things of my family should be move out from the house in Laguna until tomorrow. I crammed looking for a big van to help us plus the huge cage of Summer (our Labrador). I can’t think of anything to justify my sister’s behavior but I wish she realize what she’s done. Soon.

I need to buy the last minute gift for tomorrow’s exchange gift in the office and at Sunday’s private dinner with Ann Li at Café Romulo. Tomorrow, we will be having our annual project’s Christmas party at the office.

I hope that everything will turn out fine amidst those unhappy situation.

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