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Family time

We bring Nathan along with us when we strolled in Mall of Asia, we thought it’s about time for him to know more about the outside world. He started to recognize faces around him and he will stare at you intently if it’s his first time to see you and then he’ll cry. I blogged about how behave Nathan is even on his early months, he rarely cries aside from when he’s hungry and sleepy and going to the mall doesn’t change a thing about how good boy our baby is.

But after I some picture taking, he let me put him in his stroller and asked for his milk then sleep. It is when his daddy is about to introduce him to the Toy Kingdom (i guess it means it’s not time yet for the toys) But then he wake up when were inside the department store, he enjoys the colourful decorations in the children’s department and I bought a cowboy hat for him. He’ll use it in the cowboy party he’ll attend by the end of month.

It’s quite tiring but fulfilling trip with Nathan. I hope we can explore more in the near future :)

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