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Training Moments

I recently attended a 2-day training about customer service excellence, and I initially thought that can be too boring.  I never had much drive in attending seminars and training but since it's compulsory to join, I have no choice.   But it turned out to be fun and a learning experience, our facilitator is well knowledgeable, she had this bite size chocolates as reward for answering some questions and making us alert all the time.  My fellow attendees were I only recognize from their faces (now, I know their names as well) and some were from my department also.  

We devoted some of our idle time after lunch taking pictures in the conference room.  I felt sorry for not remembering to bring my camera, so I used my cell phone camera to take pictures of my colleagues.  

I learned so much from that training.  Somehow, it changed my mind in attending trainings like this.  Maybe it really depends on the environment and how you open your mind in learning more than just experiencing the whole of it on hand.  Aside from having 6 chocolates with me, my certificate of training completion serves a reminder that I'm looking for another one in the future.

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