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Family's Day Out

I can see the excitement in everybody’s eyes as we loaded our things in the van.  It’s hot even at 4pm in the afternoon when we took off going to Pansol, Laguna but it didn’t tarnished the happy mood of every body especially the children who was so eager to dip in the pool.  

Hubby got a reasonable deal with the private pool owner since they had their department outing in that place before.  I guess CAT 1 private pool has the cheapest rate in this peak season and a clean warm water, aircon rooms and unlimited videoke are some perks of this resort.  My family loves it and my dog Chase marked the place by doing his “thing” on the floor and he roams the place, sniffing the area as if checking if the place is clear.  Ha-ha!

  I took a leave from work that day and I’m feeling tired from all the preparations.  But seeing my folks and the oldies enjoying every minute in the pool, it’s all worth it, and we plan of doing it again.  This time a 24-hr stay when my brother come home this July.

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